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Trademark Services

A Trademark is an essential branding tool for safeguarding your business interests and earmarking the quality/credibility of your products/services. It provides you with a unique brand identity and thus is a valuable asset which must be protected. Glocon, a joint venture with KED & Associates, a leading IP law firm in Washington D.C., offers an extensive portfolio of value-added solutions and services for trademark searching, prosecution, monitoring, management, and maintenance - so that you may retain complete control over your trademark portfolio and stay protected against potential trademark infringement.

We Offer

What We Offer

Be it quick & competent trademark searching, application drafting, or trademark licensing services; effective portfolio management including worldwide registration & renewal; or challenging tasks like Trademark Infringement Research, trademark watching, and litigation support - Glocon's team of highly qualified professionals will offer premium services while you save on resources and costs. Leveraging its professional networks across the globe, Glocon has extensive experience with the U.S. Trademark Office, the European Community Trademark Office and other trademark offices throughout the world.

How You Gain

  • Comprehensive & secure trademark screening for optimum clearance chances
  • Fast & reliable services by trained IP professionals
  • Global network of legal associates for worldwide filing and registration
  • Hassle-free, cost-effective services available while clients focus on core competencies

Core Expertise

Trademark Search
As registering a new trademark involves valuable time and resources, a similar mark already in circulation is bound to hinder your interests and may even result in outright rejection of an application, not to mention the possibility of infringing on the rights of others. In a bid to avoid such critical situations, Glocon offers a comprehensive trademark search spanning the Federal, State, Common Law, and all other relevant databases & directories used across the globe. Our trademark attorneys and trained IP professionals conduct meticulous screenings and also evaluate your proposed trademark according to statutory requirements.

Application Drafting & Prosecution
Drafting a trademark application and registering the same with the concerned Trademark office can be extremely complex. Our experienced professionals have knowledge of global standards and proceedings which enable them to file successful applications throughout the world. Working closely with our US partner and other international associates, we develop a strong branding strategy and enable you to implement the right kind of IP protection required for your business success.

Trademark Licensing
Glocon's professionals can negotiate and draft trademark licenses, whether you are attempting to license one of your trademarks, or are attempting to obtain a license from a third party. Our professionals can also develop concurrent use Agreements to resolve disputes over concurrent uses of similar marks, and to help facilitate registration of a new mark.

Trademark Watching/Monitoring
Constant trademark monitoring is crucial for powerful safeguards against real-time infringements and potential trademark conflicts. Our professionals specialize in infringement research and trademark watching - designed to alert our global clients to conflicting trademark applications and registrations in the USA and across continents. Glocon can develop a custom-tailored strategy to monitor potentially-conflicting marks, and then provide a custom notification service.

Trademark Portfolio Management
Managing multiple trademarks and multiple registrations of the same mark in different countries is a complex process, as one must maintain the right to each registered mark by preparing and filing relevant documents from time to time. Notifications regarding filing deadlines are not issued by concerned trademark offices, and registrants must constantly be on the alert regarding upcoming dates. Glocon works closely with US/other registered attorneys to help you prepare such essential documents as Declaration of Use, Combined Declaration of Use & Incontestability, Application for Renewal, Notice of Opposition, and Petition for Cancellation, as well as relevant papers required for foreign country registration. We also offer efficient docketing services to keep you constantly updated on key filing & renewal dates.

Litigation Support for Trademark Infringement
When it comes to direct infringement and subsequent legal actions, Glocon offers a wide array of litigation support services. From data processing and analyses through electronic brief preparation, indexing, and calendaring Glocon's comprehensive service package will enable attorneys and lawyers to deal with all infringement issues quickly and efficiently.

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