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As the global economies shift from traditional to technology industries, the ability to protect and capitalize on innovation is crucial to sustaining business growth and profitability. At Glocon, we are skilled in obtaining patents that are respected by competitors, difficult to design around, and enforceable in court. Our professionals formulate strategies which enable organizations to procure and protect their intellectual property and increase their value.


Glocon believes that common pitfalls in the defense and enforcement of patent rights can be avoided through careful planning and early consultation with competent patent counsel. The organization realizes the complexities and nuances of patent law and secures the protection of ideas which lead to the commercialization and enforcement of patents.

Every professional at Glocon researches and understands the requirements of each of the clients they serve. Glocon professionals provide their clients with expert advice in drafting and procuring patents in countries around the globe. We enable our clients to establish best practices during the inventive and patenting processes which further bolster the patent's validity and scope. In addition, our professionals are also well versed in patent reexaminations, and patent reissue proceedings.

Glocon's Patent Services:

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