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Other Patent Services :

Patent Research

Glocon specializes in providing various patent research services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. We strive hard to provide the insight your business needs to realize its potential and drive innovation forward. From extremely urgent rush projects to long-term outsourcing partnerships, team Glocon is ready to handle any challenge.


Prior Art Search & Patentability Analysis

We conduct comprehensive prior art searches which enable an inventor to determine if the invention is novel before committing the resources necessary to obtain a patent. This type of search provides an overview of a technology area.

  • A detailed and comprehensive search of US patents and pending applications and foreign patents.
  • Our results represent cutting-edge prior art as well as expired patents.
  • A complete listing of patent/application numbers, along with PDF copies of all cited references.

Patent Mining & Mapping

At Glocon, our patent mining and competitive intelligence reports offer an extensive review of your patent portfolio. We also map the patent portfolio of our clients to identify and evaluate any potential infringements that might take place. Also, our professionals will guide you on the latest technology trends and point out gaps which might be present in your existing portfolio.

Our generated reports will cover the following aspects of your company with visual representations and statistical analysis:

  • Company's IP profile
  • Number of patent holdings
  • Notable countries of filings
  • Patent filing pattern
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions information
  • Assignment details, if any
  • Legal/patent expiry status
  • Inventor details
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