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Patent Proofreading

The 'last step' of the application drafting procedure, proofreading remains a crucial yet laborious task that calls for crystal-clear comprehension and careful scrutiny of the patent application before it is filed. Ideally, only qualified IP professionals should review the "final" draft since even minor errors can affect the patentability of the claim - leading to office action or total rejection.

Analyzing issued patents is equally important as a recent study reveals that mistakes are found in 98% US patents and at least two per cent feature serious lapses which may undermine core claims. However, only 66% of the US patents are proofread, as most law firms/corporate legal departments find it increasingly difficult to shift focus from core expertise and employ expensive resources for routine tasks.

Offshoring your patent proofreading tasks to Glocon ensures that a dedicated team of patent professionals will work on your project to ensure patent enforceability and enhance service excellence. A joint venture with a leading IP Law Firm in Washington D.C., Glocon has in place a convenient onshore-offshore delivery model and works in close co-ordination with all its US clients for best-possible results. Furthermore, an extensive network of lawyers and IP professionals across the USA, UK, and Asia will help you leverage the company's deep domain knowledge and benefit from the cost-effective solutions Glocon can offer.

What We Do

At Glocon, our experienced patent professionals meticulously proofread each document and modifications are done following standard guidelines and procedures. Stringent quality checks are carried out next in order to ensure totally error-free copy before the draft is submitted for a final review by a US/non-US patent attorney, as is applicable in the case. Glocon also reviews issued patents and provides a summary of errors and discrepancies, which a patentee can use to request a Certificate of Correction. We offer proprietary software and secure FTP for quick and safe data transmission while our proven methodology for workflow and quality brings speed, accuracy, and transparency to the entire process.

Glocon Edge

  • Broad domain expertise
  • Best cost advantage
  • Better resource utilization
  • Economy of scale

Patent proofreading includes:

  • Language checks for grammar, spelling, and typographical errors
  • Document formatting as per Patent Office Standards (USPTO, EPO, PCT, etc.)
  • Dependency verification
  • Consistency checks
  • Checks for correct antecedent basis
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