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Patent Analytics

In a dynamic corporate environment, organizations need to earn more revenue from existing assets. Glocon's rich patent analytics and valuation tools combined with sophisticated integration of patent and business databases ease and accelerate the monetization of your IP. We offer a diverse range of patent analytics services and provide a detailed analysis and overview of every possible patent publication by using multiple databases, commercial domain knowledge, the latest analysis tools and IP expertise. The generated patent intelligence reports also provide the best of class and broad overview of technology areas and competitive pressures.

Business Data

Validity & Infringement Analyses

Our professionals are trained in evaluating whether a patent is valid, and we can provide you with detailed validity options which can be used as a shield against a treble damages award, or in a negotiation over a license or a charge of infringement. Our professionals are also trained in providing infringement and non-infringement opinions for similar purposes, and to help asses whether to bring infringement charges against a third party.

Freedom-to-Operate/ Right-to-Use Studies

Owning a patent does not grant a company or individual the right to commercialize its products, processes or uses - it simply provides the means for stopping others from using your invention without permission.

To safeguard organizations and individuals from threats of infringement of third-party rights, we conduct freedom-to-operate studies to identify when a particular product or process might infringe on the rights of the third party. We also provide advice on how to modify products and processes to avoid infringement.

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