Other Patent Services :

IP Assets Management

In an ever-changing business environment, corporations and institutions are increasingly recognizing the value of their IP assets as cash flow or revenue generators. They are also becoming increasingly aware of the collateral benefits their IP assets offer.

About GloconAt Glocon, we not only strive to extract value from your assets, but we also believe in protecting and creating additional value for your intangible proprietary assets. We canvass with a diverse clientele as to how intellectual property assets, once created, can be exploited to enhance corporate wealth. Our professionals cohesively assert intellectual property rights against infringers and create a coordinated synergism of intellectual property assets which go on to enhance a client's commercial offerings.

IP Landscapes
Most organizations recognize the important role their patented Intellectual Property (IP) plays in protecting current and future products and technologies. However, in recent years there have been some significant changes in what can be patented. It therefore comes as no surprise that many companies find it harder to understand the patent landscape in which they operate.

Building, analyzing and mapping IP landscapes is highly complex, but it is an area in which Glocon has unparalleled expertise in helping a range of clients from diverse industries. Our professionals have helped clients to better understand the IP landscape, link their findings directly to their products and technologies and yet deliver concise and realistic IP strategies which provide a solid foundation for future planning.

Patent Portfolio Creation
A crucial step which emerging companies can take to position themselves for a future IPO or acquisition is to take stock of their intellectual property (IP) portfolio and carefully manage its development in support of the company's overall business plan. If properly monitored, it can enable the company to expand, protect its market position, and ensure that the firm is able to attract potential investors or acquirers.

Glocon lays out a strategy for determining which of your products can most effectively be protected and how best to protect them. Our professionals identify the full range of a company's IP assets and what they cover, whether the firm possesses clear title to its IP assets or if there is an existing or potential third-party claim against them. This also helps in determining whether a company's existing assets actually support its current business story.

Identifying Licensing/ Infringement Opportunities
Developing and maintaining a patent portfolio usually calls for immaculate attention to potential licensing transactions in which technology is transferred either to a client or from a client. Apart from the contractual and business issues in all such types of transactions, important validity and infringement questions can arise. At Glocon, our professionals ensure clients are well prepared and shielded from the risks of patent infringement claims and lawsuits. In the absence of any such specific licensing programs, clients with a product orientation generally must address the risks of their products infringing upon patents held by third parties. In this connection, we work with our clients in identifying probable areas of risk and performing appropriate infringement studies.

IP Due Diligence
The value of every transaction undertaken depends significantly on the strength of every company's intellectual property rights. Our professionals work closely with clients to enable them to evaluate intellectual property assets and potential liabilities, such as intellectual property infringement matters.

From mergers, acquisitions to technology transfers, Glocon's professionals are continually involved in evaluating virtually every kind of intellectual property to identify and assess intellectual property issues that can materially affect the value of a proposed transaction.

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