Document Editing and Formatting

Writing a patent application with clarity and precision is only one part of the entire patent drafting process. Meticulous editing and correct formatting are also required to ensure rapid and smooth prosecution before the USPTO. At Glocon, our trained and experienced workforce ensures that every document meets all of the strict USPTO standards.

About Glocon

What We Offer

As patent applications are complex legal documents, substantive editing, formatting, and proofreading are essential for producing a flawless copy with focus on clarity and consistency, logic and flow. A joint venture with a leading IP law firm in Washington D.C., Glocon is uniquely positioned to offer professional editing-proofing and formatting services to improve effectiveness and impact. Glocon provides a combined editing and proofreading deliverable by introducing a three-tier quality check at every step.

In addition to leveraging human excellence, the edit team at Glocon uses the latest software for error-free production, fast turnaround, and secure delivery. Each document is formatted as per the USPTO/EPO/PCT/other relevant standards before it is submitted for a final review by a registered patent attorney. Consistent and accurate formatting is of crucial importance as patent applications/IPR-related documents must adhere to standard formats regarding paper and margin sizes, text fonts, numbering, and page layout.

Glocon has in place a convenient onshore-offshore model, so that our team members can work in close co-ordination with their US counterparts and get things right from the beginning. Our extensive network of legal and IP professionals across USA, South America, Europe and Asia also ensure that you can leverage diverse knowledge sources and talent pools at cost-effective pricing. Our editorial and QC teams will address any concern you may have about the document - be it grammatical or stylistic and run routine error-checks for an in-depth review of structure, data accuracy, and consistency. The resultant output will be an unambiguously structured document - without discrepancies and in conformance with all patent/IPR rules and regulations.

Advantage Glocon

  • Quality editing & perfect formatting to support your intellectual endeavors.
  • Comprehensive subject knowledge & cross-continent domain expertise to facilitate best-possible results.
  • Dedicated editors and QC teams to guarantee delivery excellence.
  • Advantageous pricing & quick turnaround to provide competitive edge.
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