The enhanced value of information in today's business environment has made a company's intellectual property more important than ever. Copyright issues, in particular, affect every aspect of a business and drive large segments of national as well as global economies. At Glocon, our attorneys understand clients' intellectual property and business requirements and the complicated ways in which these interests can be best leveraged and protected.


Copyright Search

The team at Glocon comprises qualified search agents who can locate information contained in any document - filed or recorded - related to copyrighted works such as registration certificates, renewals, assignments, etc. They carry out detailed copyright searches for the following categories:

Title Search

Our professionals search for all copyrighted works having the same title. Glocon's search services can determine copyrighted works that use a particular title. This helps clients in finding unreferenced copyrighted works as well as replacing lost registration certificates.

History Search

At Glocon, we search and verify all records related to a particular copyrighted work. The task is undertaken to verify the existing holder of the copyrighted work, for determining royalty and ownership holders. This search also helps in determining whether the work has fallen into the public domain on termination of the claimant's privileges. In case of an authorship, if all or a portion of a prior work of authorship is incorporated, it is important to determine the consenter or the beneficiary of royalties, if any.

Author/Claimant Search

In this type of search, we search for a copyrighted work that lists a particular individual or organization as the author or claimant. The author/claimant search is usually undertaken during times of bankruptcy or divorce (in case of an individual), or during times of bankruptcy, merger or dissolution (in case of an organization). All volume contained in the recorded documents will vary widely along with the search cost and will contain information related to copyright registration, renewal, and in-process information registered at the U.S. Copyright Office in the name of a given company or a person.

Copyright Registration

With years of extensive experience in copyright registration, Glocon works proactively to identify ownership issues beforehand. In addition to filing for a registered copyright, our team assists clients in establishing systems for policing and enforcing their copyrights and claiming statutory damages against all infringers. Our Attorneys also advise clients on several inducements or advantages of registering a copyright and how the registration brings into light the basic facts of a particular copyright.

Copyright infringement research and related litigation support services

Glocon's professionals enable clients to efficiently obtain copyright protection for their creative expressions, and at the same time, establish systems for policing and enforcing their copyrighted materials. We also specialize in litigating copyright infringement cases, including those involving literary, artistic and musical works, as well as software.

Copyright licensing and form processing

Glocon provides expert advice and legal counsel on every aspect of copyright law, from fair use and infringement analyses to advice on statutory licensing schemes. The organization not only assists clients with contractual and copyright issues, such as those relating to copyright registration and licensing, but also advises them on matters as diverse as Internet streaming, registration of copyright with the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, and international copyright piracy.

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